Cruises from Southampton (2024)

Cruises from Southampton in (2024)

Welcome to our guide for all the MSC Cruises departing from Southampton in 2024!

January 2024

January kicks off with MSC Euribia returning from her NYE cruise and embarking on a fantastic 21-night Winter Sun voyage to Northern Europe and the Canary Islands! It includes calls at ports which include Hamburg, Rotterdam, La Coruna, Lisbon, Cadiz and Casablanca before enjoying favourites such as Lanzarote, Tenerife and Funchal! Truly an epic voyage if you fancy escaping the January blues!

On her return, MSC Euribia will continue her Northern Europe itinerary with a 7-night roundtrip voyage to Hamburg and other great Northern ports.

Cruise LineShipDateCruise RegionNightsGet Quote
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia05/Jan/24Canary Islands21
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia26/Jan/24Northern Europe7

February 2024

The darker nights will still be with us during February, so this is the time to get yourself a little week away of all-inclusive luxury!

You’ll be able to enjoy one of four 7-night voyages from Southampton on MSC Euribia this month. Explore some of Europe’s most interesting port cities during the quieter seasons and find those hidden gems!

Cruise LineShipDateCruise RegionNightsGet Quote
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia02/Feb/24Northern Europe7
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia09/Feb/24Northern Europe7
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia16/Feb/24Northern Europe7
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia23/Feb/24Northern Europe7

March 2024

As the nights get a little brighter and the temperatures slowly creep up – you can enjoy a pre-Spring voyage on MSC Euribia before she wraps up her season next month!

You’ll have a choice of five 7-night departure dates in March to sail from Southampton – why not try a back-to-back? You automatically get 10% off your second cruise (aside from our discounts and any MSC Voyager Club discounts too!)

This is also a great time of year to visit Brugges – it isn’t too busy, but everything is certainly open!

Cruise LineShipDateCruise RegionNightsGet Quote
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia01/Mar/24Northern Europe7
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia08/Mar/24Northern Europe7
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia15/Mar/24Northern Europe7
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia22/Mar/24Northern Europe7
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia29/Mar/24Northern Europe7

April 2024

As we head into Spring, MSC Euribia will wrap up her first season in the UK and head off to Copenhagen on a Grand Voyage – but not before one extended 11-night voyage to France and Spain, departing on the 12th of April – with visits to La Rochelle and Bilbao included (both Maiden Calls for her!)

Then one of our favourites is back – MSC Virtuosa! She will complete her MSC Grand Voyage from Dubai and arrive in Southampton on the 22nd of April 2024.

She will immediately conduct a 12-night voyage to the Canary Islands – which will see the start of her Summer 2024 season from the UK – her fourth year sailing from Southampton due to popular demand!

Cruise LineShipDateCruise RegionNightsGet Quote
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia05/Apr/24Northern Europe7
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia12/Apr/24France & Spain11
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa22/Apr/24Canary Islands12
MSC CruisesMSC Euribia23/Apr/24Grand Voyage5

May 2024

MSC Virtuosa ramps up her sailings in May with seven voyages throughout the month – lots of opportunities to get yourself onboard for at least one sailing!

They include two 7-night voyages to Norway (11th and 18th) sandwiched between five mini-cruises! This gives everyone (is there anyone?) who hasn’t tried MSC Virtuosa yet – a perfect shot at enjoying what makes this MSC ship so popular (even over just a couple of nights!)

The mini-cruises will call at destinations such as Guernsey, Rotterdam and Cork!

Cruise LineShipDateCruise RegionNightsGet Quote
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa04/May/24Mini Cruise2
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa06/May/24Mini Cruise3
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa09/May/24Mini Cruise2
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa11/May/24Norwegian Fjords7
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa18/May/24Norwegian Fjords7
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa25/Jun/24Mini Cruise2
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa27/Jun/24Mini Cruise2

June 2024

Just like in 2023, MSC Virtuosa will start the month of June with a two-week voyage to Iceland and Norway – ideal if you love incredibly scenic cruises and prefer some cooler temperatures compared to the Mediterranean!

On her return, she will revisit Norway. This time, for just seven nights and then head the opposite direction for a 7-night France & Spain itinerary before finishing the month off with a 14-night Mediterranean voyage, calling at wonderful ports such as Lisbon, Malaga, Alicante and Barcelona!

Cruise LineShipDateCruise RegionNightsGet Quote
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa01/Jun/24Norway & Iceland14
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa15/Jun/24Norwegian Fjords7
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa22/Jun/24France & Spain7
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa29/Jun/24Mediterranean14

July 2024

July is taken up with two more back-to-back 14-night Mediterranean voyages – so if you missed the June one, you’ve still got a great opportunity to see what others loved just a fortnight earlier!

These cruises are super-popular during the school holidays. They are ideal for families who want to explore a little but enjoy being surrounded by fantastic food, drink and great service!

Cruise LineShipDateCruise RegionNightsGet Quote
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa13/Jul/24Mediterranean14
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa27/Jul/24Mediterranean14

August 2024

As we head into August, MSC Virtuosa will head straight to the Canary Islands for 12 nights after returning to Southampton from her previous Mediterranean escape.

On her return, she will squeeze in a short 2-night mini-cruise (to Guernsey) before sailing two back-to-back 7-night voyages to Norway – her final visits to this beautiful part of the world in 2024.

Cruise LineShipDateCruise RegionNightsGet Quote
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa10/Aug/24Canary Islands12
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa22/Aug/24Mini Cruise2
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa24/Aug/24Norwegian Fjords7
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa31/Aug/24Norwegian Fjords7

September 2024

As we head into September and things start cooling off at home, MSC Virtuosa is ready to keep you in the sun! First, she will sail to the Canary Islands on an extended 14-night voyage before performing two mini-cruises (3 and 4 nights).

Next, she will sail to the Mediterranean for the last time this year on a 14-night voyage, taking in the sights of such ports as Lisbon, Cadiz, Valencia and Palma (Mallorca).

Cruise LineShipDateCruise RegionNightsGet Quote
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa07/Sep/24Canary Islands14
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa21/Sep/24Mini Cruise3
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa24/Sep/24Mini Cruise4
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa28/Sep/24Mediterranean14

October 2024

On her return from the Mediterranean, MSC Virtuosa will sail three mini-cruises ranging from 4-5 nights and then sail a late Autumn 14-night voyage to the Canary Islands – a first, this time late in the year for MSC.

Cruise LineShipDateCruise RegionNightsGet Quote
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa12/Oct/24Mini Cruise4
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa16/Oct/24Mini Cruise4
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa20/Oct/24Mini Cruise5
MSC CruisesMSC Virtuosa25/Oct/24Canary Islands14

November 2024

An old favourite returns! Welcome back MSC Preziosa – she is here for the UK’s Winter 2024/25 season!

One of MSC’s popular ships with British guests, MSC Preziosa offers a dazzling array of bars, lounges and restaurants and is the perfect ship to explore Northern Europe as we enter the winter.

She starts this month on the 15th with a 7-night cruise to Hamburg, Rotterdam, Bruges (Zeebrugge) and Le Havre – with a couple of sea days thrown in too!

Departing weekly on Wednesdays, you can enjoy 7-nights of MSC luxury, food, entertainment and comfort on the 22nd and 29th November too.

Cruise LineShipDateCruise RegionNightsGet Quote
MSC CruisesMSC Preziosa15/Nov/24Northern Europe7
MSC CruisesMSC Preziosa22/Nov/24Northern Europe7
MSC CruisesMSC Preziosa29/Nov/24Northern Europe7

December 2024

Christmas Market season is upon us! Enjoy a delicious hot mug of Glühwein whilst strolling through the 100+ stalls in Hamburg’s famous Christmas Market, or perhaps enjoy some hot Belgian waffles and delicious chocolates at Bruges’ very own Christmas Market held at the Markt Square!

Wondering what to do for Christmas or New Year? How about spending it on a cruise? Book the family!

Departures for these two special cruises are the 20th and 27th of December – ideal if you want one or the other, or perhaps do a back-to-back and enjoy a festive voyage!

If you have never seen the New Year in on a cruise ship – this is your chance to get together with friends and enjoy a unique New Year’s Eve like no other!

Cruise LineShipDateCruise RegionNightsGet Quote
MSC CruisesMSC Preziosa06/Dec/24Christmas Markets7
MSC CruisesMSC Preziosa13/Dec/24Christmas Markets7
MSC CruisesMSC Preziosa20/Dec/24Christmas Cruise7
MSC CruisesMSC Preziosa27/Dec/24New Year's Cruise7

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